Frequently Asked Questions



General Questions:

Q: I have recently come out of bankruptcy. Am I still able to borrow money?

A: Yes, that's not a problem.

Q: Are there any hidden fees I should know about?

A: The only fee we charge is the 15% on the principal of the loan as long as yo don't default.

Q: What's the most you'll lend to me?

A: On your first loan, probably $200-400 but eventually up to $600 or 50% of your net paycheck, whichever is smaller.

Q: Do you really need a credit check?

A: Yes, that's something we can't compromise on.

Q: How can I borrow again?

A: Just send in a screen capture and we'll take care of it.

Q: Can I borrow on welfare or disability or a pension?

A: We can't accept any kind of income that doesn't come from a job.